About us

About us

Our Mission

For more than 20 years now, we have been increasingly influential in offering technological solutions for audiovisual, home automation, networking and security. No matter the environment where Connexion AV is at work, our priority is to provide our customers with an extraordinary experience that is both simple and enjoyable. Our passion, our experiences and our know-how, combined with our selection of quality products, allow us to guide you efficiently through your projects with transparency and integrity.

Nos valeurs


Patrik Bilodeau,


An installer and audio-video consultant since 1995, Patrik has extensive experience and has successfully completed multiple training courses to stay abreast of the latest trends. A leader in the electronics industry, he also maintains trusted professional relationships with many contractors from a variety of backgrounds. Whether computer, design or construction, his many contacts allow him to carry out a large number of varied projects. Patrik loves to share his knowledge and expertise in home automation, while having a keen interest in everything related to renovation and real estate.

Francis Legault,

Senior partner

Technician and programmer for over 20 years, Francis stands out thanks to his advanced knowledge in electronics, networking, integration and construction. He wears several hats within Connexion AV, including Project Manager, Advisor, Programmer and Integrator. His multiple talents and leadership have helped the company quickly become a leader in the field of home automation in Quebec. Francis is well aware of the importance of continuing education in a market where competition is becoming more and more prevalent.