Home Automation

Home Automation


Controlled lighting is much more then turning your lights on and off with your phone: it’s the overall management of the interactions of your lighting devices with all the other technological devices of the project. For example, before heading to bed in the evening, you could turn off all the lights in the house, while leaving the outside lights on, also turn off all the audio and video sources, lower the blinds and activate the alarm system in ‘occupation’ mode, all that from a single push of a button or voice command.

Integrated lighting offers other considerable advantages, such as energy savings. This is possible when your lighting is managed by the information perceived by the motion detectors, by having a lighting schedule programmed or let the photo sensors constantly evaluate the ambient light for the upmost comfort. The current technology can go even further and adjust automatically the ‘temperature’ of your lighting. So, you could have a whiter and cooler light in the morning, which will stimulate the awakening of your body, and gradually, this lighting will change to become more orange and warmer in the evening to let your body enter a rest mode. Another important aspect is the safety which, with the help of an integrated lighting system, can imitate the presence of someone in the house even if there is nobody. All this is just a brief overview of the capabilities of integrated lighting.

Window Treatments

Your blinds can open and close with a simple voice command or by the push of a button, but they can also do a lot more.

Once integrated into your home automation system, they can lower automatically when you settle in to watch a movie, open in the morning to let in the sunlight, adjust to the angle of the sun's rays to control the heat input inside and protect your furniture from fading due to the sun. 

Your curtains can open and close randomly to simulate your presence and thus deter malicious people. 

Our window treatments can be made and tailored to your tastes and needs while respecting the layout desired by your designer or architect. We will help you choose the right product, the right materials and the right technology. 

Our professional installation ensures you have the expected result. 

And this is just an overview of the possible options.


On top of managing automatically your blinds and lighting zones, your home automation system can also control effectively most air conditioning and/or heating systems, thus saving on energy consumption

Whether it is heated floors, forced-air systems, baseboard heaters or heat pumps, we have the technologies required to integrate it all into your home automation system.